What do you need from me?

We will discuss with you either over email, telephone or Skype your customisation requirements such as colours, fonts, logo and menu positioning etc...
For each package we will require your logo, text and images in high res JPG format.
The images must be at least 150 DPI and ideally over 1500 pixels.

How do I pay?

Use the ‘Order online’ button to add either the bronze, silver or gold app option to your basket.
You can then checkout securely using PayPal. We will then contact you regarding your app.
If you require further customisation we will contact you regarding additional payments.

How long does my app take to complete?

Once we have received your order we will discuss with you your ideas about the app.
Once we have finalised your design and we have your images/text your app will typically take 10 business days to complete and a further 10 business days to be approved by Apple and live on the App Store.

How much do you charge to update my app?

£5.00 minimum for text changes
£10.00 to change images in current gallery
£40.00 for additional galleries
£10.00 for additional text

Will my app appear in search engines?

Yes your app will appear in Google and all major search engines as well as the Apple App Store

How long does my app take to appear in the Apple App Store?

Your app usually appears on the Apple store within 10 days

Do you make Android apps?

Yes we are able to make Android versions of your app. Please contact us via email.

Once I purchase an app from you do I own it?

Your app will be listed under our brand but under your chosen app name.
We own the code behind your app but if you ever wish to stop using your app we are always happy to remove it from the app store for a fee of £99.

Why do I have to pay a yearly fee once the app is completed?

We require a yearly fee of £99 to cover the costs of hosting the data such as images stored within your app. The fee also pays for the charges that Apple passes to us for creating apps.

Are there any ongoing fees with Apple?

All fees are included in the £99 per annum hosting fee. This is free for the first year.
This includes all charges from Apple.

What devices and operating system will my app work on?

Your App will work on Apple iPads running iOS 7 upwards

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If you have any questions that are not covered in our FAQ please contact us